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Parking Permit in Peterborough

Arrange parking permit for our van during your move. To arrange parking permit contact your local authorities to reserves a specific bay for use on a specified day.

Find the links and phone numers to contact in case you have to organize a parking permit with your local council.

PETERBOROUGH REMOVALS - Parking Permit in Peterborough


If you need to susspend a parking bay for the purpose of moving (loading and unloading) please visit Peterborough Council website for more information. Use the parking bay suspension application form, which you will find on the Council website. It is necessary to arrange parking permit in advance so we advise you not to leave it for the last minute.

Please Note:

We can provide vehicle details up to 48 hours before the date of service. If you don't provide a parking permit then you are obligated to pay a Penalty Charge Notice in advance ( £65 + VAT ) to our driver before we start the job. We will refund your money back if we don't get a Penalty Charge Notice by letter within 6 weeks. However, if we get a Penalty Charge Notice ticket we will send you a copy of it as proof and the money will not be refunded.