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Removals in Peterborough
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Removal Vans in Peterborough

Choose accurate removals van for your house move. Check removals van sizes at Peterborough Removals. See dimension of each van we provide and book us today.

Large Van
Large Van Peterborough
Load Space:
L-3.40m x H-1.80m x W-1.70m
L-11.15ft x H-5.90ft x W-5.74ft
12.2 m3
430 cu. ft

Large Van - Long wheel base Removals Van is ideal for Studio Flat - One bedroom flat*. Long wheel base van will fit content of average size large Studio Flat or One bedroom flat. Items such as 2 seater sofa, double bed, dismantled wardrobe, washing machine, number of boxes, etc...

Extra Large Van
Extra Large Van Peterborough
Load Space:
L-4.50m x H-1.90m x W-1.70m
L-14.76ft x H-6.23ft x W-6.46ft
15.9 m3
561 cu. ft

Extra Large Van - extra long wheel base Removals Van can accommodate your household goods of 1-2 bedroom house*. This extra long wheel base van will fit content of average size large 1-2 bedroom house. Items such as sofa, double bed, wardrobe, washing machine, fridge, freezer, etc...

Luton Van
Luton Van Peterborough
Load Space:
L-4.00m x H-2.05m x W-1.98m
L-13.12ft x H-6.72ft x W-6.52ft
17.6 m3
621 cu. ft

Luton Removals Van have great flexibility to accommodate your household goods of 2-3 bedroom house*. This box transit long wheel base van equipped with a tail lift will fit large heavy furniture such as sofa, king size bed, wardrobe, washing machine, tall fridge freezer, etc...

7.5t Truck
7.5t Truck Peterborough
Load Space:
L-6.2m x H-2.35m x W-2.3m
L-20.4ft x H-7.8ft x W-7.6ft
30 m3
1059 cu. ft

7.5t Removals Truck will accommodate approximately 3-4 bedroom house*. This Removal Truck is equipped with a tail lift which will lift large heavy items such as american fridge freezer, sofas, king size bed, wardrobe, washing machine, etc... Minimum reservation time is 8 hours.

* The sizes of properties are not always the same. Please keep in mind that many aspects like fully furnished, part furnished or unfurnished distinguishes each property.

Important Information

All our vans are equipped with trolleys, blankets, straps, bungee cords, tracking, sat-nav etc.. And only used for household moving content. NO RUBBISH CLEARANCE!
When you order one man it means that driver will assist with loading and unloading. Please consider to order 2 men if there are any items too heavy or too bulky for one man to carry or more than 2nd floor with no lift. Sometime when you ordered one man we may send 2 men, however one man will work for you as you ordered, unless you want to upgrade to 2 men.
Please make sure to select appropriate van size for all items you are moving. Sometime we may send you a larger van, but allowed loading space is for the van size you ordered, unless you want to upgrade the van size.
If job run over the estimated time, we will charge in 30 minute blocks, however we can stay maximum one hour longer, so please estimate loading and unloading time as precisely as possible.
If you need any help with packing your belongings, protecting furnitures for the transit or any help with dismantling furnitures we will help of course at no extra cost, it will be still the same hourly rates, but please remember to extend loading or/and unloading time when you need extra services.
If you need packaging materials you can easily order them online on our website "BOX SHOP” and we will deliver within 24-48 hours. Alternatively you can request Packaging Materials to be delivered on your moving day by providing your reference number for the move and we will assign your order to be delivered on the moving day.
If there is no lift/elevator in operating, we charge for flooring £5 per level per person carrying the goods. All charges are included in your quotation based on selected details.
Please note that we provide our service up to fourth floor if there is no lift in operating.
Please do not overload boxes and make the weight not heavier than 20-25 KG.
We are doing our best to be always on time, but please allow up to 1 hour window for arrivals in case of any traffic on the road.
Fuel charges for provided route are included in price.
Parking Charges, Penalty Tickets, Toll Roads Charges, Ferries charges are not included in cost.
Please note that customer responsibility is to arrange parking space for the van. If there are parking restrictions on the area please arrange parking suspension for the van. If parking suspension have not been arranged for our van than our driver may request deposit of £65 for the penalty ticket. If we will get penalty ticket we will send you prove on your email if we don’t get parking fine within 6 weeks then we will refund deposit you paid for parking fine. Click on link to find more information how to arrange "PARKING PERMIT”
If you need to travel in the van, please let us know in ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on the booking form. ( one passenger can only travel in the van ).
By pressing the button BOOK NOW you accept our Terms & Conditions and all confirmed orders are subject to the terms and conditions.
Please make sure to pay 30% deposit at least 48 hours in advance. Remaining balance need to be paid before unloading the van, so please make sure to arrange payment before unloading the van as delays with payments will delay unloading what may increase total time of your move.
If you need to cancel your booking, make sure to inform us in writing ( Email or TEXT ) at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise cancellation fee will apply (cancellation fee = 30% of total charge). Please DON’T leave these information on our voicemail.
Our Goods in Transit insurance cover up to £10.000. Insurance apply only if you provide "INVENTORY LIST” - list of all items you are moving including value. This is the responsibility of the customer to ensure extra insurance is arranged if required.
If you don’t require packing service please make sure to protect all furniture to avoid any damage as our insurer will not cover any damage during the transit for unprotected items.
If you notice any damage, please report to our team before they leave, so they can make an evidence of damage for insurance purposes. Please note that if our team leave the side and no damage has been reported we will not take any responsibilities for unreported damages.
Please make sure to check with our team that the van inside is empty and all your belongings been unloaded, before they leave.
To make sure your order has been accepted use our website tools ”CHECK ORDER STATUS”
If you are moving within 10 miles we do not charge for the mileage, if over 10 miles than full mileage charge will be included in price- £1.5 per mile. (Routes taken will be those as advised by our Sat-Nav unless you request a particular route)
Additional unexpected van load may be treated as a separate order if distance over 10 miles.
If you need to contact us in regards current order, please CALL, TEXT with your ORDER NUMBER on 07912604743 or EMAIL HERE